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Haim: 050-6587654
A new original family musical in Hebrew for religious audiences. It tells the story of Tovale, a lovely bubbly little girl who loves reading the Bible but usually misunderstands what she reads - with hilarious results.
Tovale has a secret that she is reluctant to divulge because it is a sin to speak badly of others (Lashon Hara).

As the plot progresses, Tovale and the audience with her learn the difference between idle gossip and telling a parent (or significant other adult) important information so they can guide their children.

Tovale and her sister, Rivka, learn the importance of patience , making peace and saying sorry, and all this through entertaining dialogue and original up-beat energetic songs and dances. This is a new professional Broadway-style production geared to the taste and religious requirements of religious-hareidi women, girls and children. .

Schools and organizations booking a performance will also receive a carefully-designed worksheet by educator Haim Lachmish , creator of "Hasod shel Tovale", which will help teachers and madrichot to furthur discuss and follow up the issues and values that the musical brings to the fore.

"Filled with foot-stomping, toe-tapping tunes, Tovales' Secret is a unique, long over-due musical written specifically for religious children and their parents. With its thoughtful and lively music, interesting, witty story line and believable and loveable characters and dances that are fun to watch, Tovale's Secret will win the hearts of audiences of all ages. Written, directed, produced and acted with energy and enthusiasm by The Lachmishes, a one-family band, Tovale's Secret will leave you begging for more and offer much food for thought afterwards. We loved it."

- Maxine Liptzen-Dorot, "City Lights".

HASOD sHEL TOVALE , copyright 2004, Haim Lachmish

Credits and thanks:

script and song lyrics:
Haim Lachmish

music :
Haim and Leonie Lachmish

Leonie, Shani and Yahala Lachmish (The Simcha Girls)

actresses :
Leonie Lachmish, Yahala Lachmish / Shani Lachmish, Rina Levanon

musical arrangements :
Assor Elkayam and Leonie Lachmish

vocal arrangements:
Yahala Lachmish

musical director :
Assor Elkayam

choreography : Rosa Howden

theatrical adviser :
Menashe Arbel

director : Leonie Lachmish

scenery : Sheder Creations

recording studio : Klei Zemer

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