A drama about coping in times of crisis, based on a true story.


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An entire school year rallies around an impressive and heart-warming project when one of their schoolmates is diagnosed with leukemia but all the love, dedication and positive energies aren’t enough to prevent another schoolfriend from disappearing one sunny day and taking his own life.

The physical illness of one friend is caught in time and successfully treated, while nobody has the knowledge or insight to notice the mental distress of another friend.


Haim Lachmish, experienced youth educator, wrote "GOOD FRIENDS" in coordination with educational psychologists and counselors.

"GOOD FRIENDS" was approved by Israel's renowned champion of the fight against youth suicide, the late Professor Yisrael Or-Bach (author of "Children Who Don't Want to Live").




Extracts with English subtitles on youtube


2. WHY?



“GOOD FRIENDS” has three aims, beyond the theatrical experience itself:

  • INSPIRATION – even when times are rock bottom, we can rise above hardships and do good for others and ourselves.

  • AWARENESS – there are times in life when a person might feel overwhelmed. Help is available and everyone is entitled to get that help.

  • ACTION – There are signs of distress that need to be taken seriously. We can all help by involving any of a whole array of responsible adults: parents, teacher, school counsellor, etc.



Letters from psychologists




After the play, a psychologist or counsellor leads a discussion, pointing out the signs of distress in the play and giving necessary information, such as how to help a friend in distress.


Although it deals with a serious phenomenon, GOOD FRIENDS is full of energy and humour and is a celebration of the wonderful project that these young people took on and pursued.